Extended Warranty

If you lease or finance your Nissan and the limited warranty runs out, you are responsible for all repairs. Auto extended warranties protect yourself from inflation later when you need repairs. Like insurance, if you don’t buy it, you’ll be looking over your shoulder. The most common repairs are A/C, transmissions, and electrical.

At Admiral Nissan of Egg Harbor Township every question gets a straight answer and no rock is left unturned. When it comes to buying an extended warranty, our trusted and professional customer service team has the right answers and guidelines to help you decide whether or not you should contract an extended warranty service for your Nissan vehicle.

Nissan is proud of its reputation for reliability and superior engineering. However, anything mechanical could eventually require repairs. An extended service contract is an important option. With the high technology built into today’s cars, repair costs have risen dramatically and will continue to do so. With just one major after-warranty repair, the contract could easily pay for itself.

Included in your Nissan Care benefits are 84-month/100,000-mile limited warranty that covers 464 components of you vehicle, a $50 deductible on covered repairs, including parts and Pre-owned Preferred contract provides additional coverage that “wraps” around the Certified Limited Warranty.

There are different extended warranty plans available here. Contact your NJ Nissan dealership, Admiral Nissan of Egg Harbor Township, to help you with the best option for your next Nissan car purchase.

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